Sunday, February 3, 2008

Igloos in Austria

It looks like the recent snow storm dumped enough on Montréal to make it possible to try building a new igloo, once the snow has settled down, probably next week-end?

In the meantime I found some links to sort-of-igloos in Austria:

There is an Ice Camp in Tyrol, at 2500m above sea-level on a glacier. You can stay over night in the pre-erected buildings with a shape similar to igloos, but constructed in a different way. The construction and maintenance crew publish their own blog from up there (it is quite heavily corporate sponsored).

A secondary school in Mauthausen, Upper Austria decided to let students choose if they go to the usual ski sports week or do alternative activities like igloo constructing instead. The rising costs of skiing (rental or purchase of gear, chairlift passes) apparently forces parents to consider letting their kids go skiing, even if there are some subventions from the government. I remember learning downhill skiing off a little hill in the neighborhood and then had a proper class when I was six years old. I then went for ski sports week three times, from age 12. Two or three people from our class had to take classes but the rest already knew how to ski.

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